2016-2017 NBA Season



Whew… that was fast! The 2016-2017 NBA Basketball Season is in full affect, last week our favorite players reported for training camp and if you were paying attention to free agency this summer the league has been shaken up a bit. Quick recap of last season; Lebron and the Cavs defeated Chef, I mean Steph Curry and the Warriors in the finals. The Warriors who were the 2015 champs were the favorites but the Cavs came back last season with revenge and like the leader that he is Lebron led the team to victory.


But the summer got really interesting when Kevin Durant signed with the warriors and Derrick Rose with the Knicks. And the face of the Miami Heat franchise for over a decade signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bulls. This is season is going to get pretty interesting of course for the first time in a long time we won’t see Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnet has also retired and Chris Bosh failed his physical and his future in Basketballs looks dim. But the season should be enjoyable nonetheless. October 1st kicks off the Global Series games and on October 25th the season begins. If you’re a fan of the All-Star activities you can head to The Big Easy(New Orleans) for this year’s NBA All-Star.


I’m looking forward to the season but playoffs is when I get really involved. Playoffs begin on April 15th and every team that has earned a spot in the playoffs will be fighting for that conference championship. I’m predicting a rematch of last season Lebron James and Cavs have the chemistry and strength to win the championship again. However, the Warriors who were already powerful have added Kevin Durant who got his taste of the finals in 2012 with OKC to the line-up this is going to a site to witness. Hope you’re ready for a great season of Basketball, may the best team win.


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