kandi10Fantasia Rumored To Be Joining Real Housewives Of Atlanta

We recently reported that reality star Nene Leakes decided to quit RHOA which left producers scrambling for a new lead for the hit show.

Rumors surfaced that Kandi Burruss would be filling in as the new face of the brand but new reports claim that she may be bringing a few of her friends for the ride…

Via LA Late:

Are Sheree Whitfield and Fantasia Barrino set to replace NeNe Leakes on RHOA? For nearly half a decade, false RHOA cast hirings, firings, and peach twists have heated up social media. The most hilarious false report to date was one that claimed that the entire RHOA 2013 cast was being fired to build a new franchise around Phaedra Parks. Of course that never happened. But as news spread this week that Sheree Whitfield is about to open her doors to a completed (yes completed) Chateau Sheree, and still steaming allegations about a Mister Chocolate scandal striking Phaedra Parks.

This season, BravoTV is expected to do the same. Starting this month, multiple test-wives will film with RHOA personalities again, consenting to film, with the understanding that peach contracts won’t be passed out until fall 2015. Who could gain, loose, or earn a peach? It just depends on how well or how poorly the test wives film this fall.

So exactly how much would Sheree and Fanny be looking for if they joined next season?

And what about Sheree Whitfield and Fantasia? First, LALATE can report that BravoTV RHOA salary reports over the years have been hideously false. A source close to talent tells LALATE that NeNe Leakes made between $1 million and $1.5 million last season, that rookie talent made low six figures, and that three year or longer returning talent made around a half million to $650,000 for RHOA7. With Leakes gone, BravoTV has upwards of $1.5 million in salary able to disperse to new talent.

As a result, BravoTV could with the departure of Leakes have $700K to pay Fantasia and $600K to pay Sheree, if they are interested. Sheeree’s ordinal departure, and replacement with Kenya Moore, came as Whitfield’s then salary demands for RHOA5 were declined. But LALATE believes that Sheree Whitfield will return if the salary offer is lucrative.

Fantasia has yet to confirm or deny the rumors but has posted photos of her studio time as she completes her latest album…



















Fanny has also been enjoying the life as a ‘married woman’ with her new hubby…

















Do you think Fantasia should join Kandi for season 8 of RHOA? Hit the flip to peep what else Fanny has been up to next…

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