The weekend is just around the corner and the streets are buzzing with the news that after 11 years Diddy and Cassie are no longer a thing. Truth is, I don’t think anybody knows how long these two were actually together besides the two parties involved. Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think their relationship was ever confirmed or denied by either of them. However, they definitely were spotted together more often than not and rumor has it, Cassie’s team has confirmed that they have indeed split for good. Like everything that happens in the media, the internet is split on this situation. Half the internet feels that Cassie wasted her 20’s with a man who didn’t marry her. The other half are sure that Cassie got her fair share from the relationship and will be fine. Wendy Williams Weighed in on the situation

“I was asked during our morning meeting do I think that she wasted 11 years, In a lot of ways yeah” Wendy responded. She went on to say”She probably doesn’t know how to apply for a mortgage, and she’s probably always been on his insurance”

I had three specific responses to Wendy. For one, just because she was in a relationship, that in no way shape or form means that she doesn’t know how to apply for a mortgage or have her own insurance. Two, 32 is not too old to learn these things and three even if they were married and decided to split, these are things that she would still have to learn. In my opinion, I’m sure  Cassie is doing much better than a lot of women her age. Furthermore, to women starting over in their 30’s don’t let these comments discourage you. The media has a bad habit of making you feel accomplishments don’t hold the same amount of weight if you don’t accomplish them in your 20’s. Nothing can prohibit you from moving forward, making the strides that you need to make, and loving again at any age except you! What’s your take on the Diddy Cassie split? Check out Wendy’s comments below.




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