Pretty Hustlaz’s CEO is Interviewed by Empress Raw (Wilameana Jones)


During this pandemic access to inspiration is just what we need.

“Real women empowerment is not one-sided, it’s two-sided,” quoted by Rockstarr Diva.

Today, motivation and women empowerment was at an all time peak thanks to Instagram live.  It all began with our CEO, Mrs. Rockstarr Diva. She was accompanied by her long time companion and muti-talented Empress Raw during a live interview. As this power session evolved they gave the viewers some insight on how they met during Myspace days. Ms. Empress Raw drove to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to audition for a radio position (although her real intentions were to give DJ Khaled her CD). Unfortunately, she didn’t make it, but Mrs. Rockstarr Diva did make it to the next stage. Mrs. Rockstarr Diva knew that there would be a second audition, and guess who she decided to reach out to? Yes, Empress Raw. She told her that she felt like her audition was good and that she should try again. That move was and still is the epitome of women empowerment!

Mrs. Rockstarr Diva’s initial spark for beginning her dynamic Pretty Hustlaz’s movement all began with a  live Myspace response from icon and well-known rapper Trina. Her first outlet into media and music was working with Trina, and she began to advocate for her work. Her entire vision for her then new and current successful media outlet was to create a platform where women could unite and not segregate. Our CEO, is not only known for her miraculous ways of working through social media, but she’s also the producer of the Glitz & Girl Power Awards Show. It was designed to highlight women empowerment and achievements in all aspects of life. It is a well-known platform for marketing start ups and mature organizations. G & G’s events include A-list celebrities, sports figures, and top influential business men and women who support it.

We not only learned about how Mrs. Rockstarr Diva bossed up her businesses, but also how she met the love her life. Apparently, the key to finding your husband might be to try something different, even if you don’t want to. This interview was straight to the point and very inspirational. Empress Raw thank you for interviewing our CEO and thank you for reminding us to follow the signs and put in the work, Mrs. Rocksrarr Diva.


Coach Stormy Interviews Trina

Later on that evening, public figure and business woman Coach Stormy interviewed the one and only Trina. Trina opened up letting everyone know that she comes from a family of strong women, and she definitely does not have time to hate on other women. Despite any obstacles that come her way, she always remembers the following words, “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.” Ironically a mutual acquaintance said these words to both women at different times in there lives, wow!

The Trina that everyone knows from ’98 has transformed and grown into a new and improved woman. She exclaimed that sometimes men misconceive her with the same woman from her first hit record with Trick Daddy “Nann”. However, she doesn’t want them to confuse her alter ego with the woman she is at home. She definitely does not want a man who is a fan of her, but instead someone who matches her energy and is ready to build. This pandemic has granted her the ability to sit in the house for thirty days straight since she began her rap career.

Last June-July Trina shut down mentally and completely focused on her mom. It broke her heart to see her mother who was once completely healthy struggle to do things she once did effortlessly. As of today she’s in a whole different mental space, and although she hasn’t fully dealt with her mother’s passing she’s learning her new way of life. She wants nothing but peace in her life and sometimes that requires her to refrain from communication on Sundays.  Saying no to friends and family is another mechanism she uses to stay focused. Trina’s mom once told her, “You cannot save the world”, and she keeps that in mind so that she can continue to focus on her peace.

While focusing on her peace Trina has not forgotten where it all began. Her first performance had about 2,500 girls in the crowd, and she was terrified; she even went on the stage with her eyes closed, but the best part of the performance is the girls knew every word to “Nann”. Trina even shared that her first check as a rapper was $250,000 and she decided not to touch it and gave it to her mother. She is all about staying healthy as well. To keep her health and energy up she has been taking NRG and Nutraburst for the past three years; she’s even a part of the business. Both she and Coach Stormy are advocates and suppliers for the TLC products.

All of Trina’s shared experiences were well noted. She is a huge part of the music industry and it was delightful to understand where she is now in her life. We can all listen to her on 99 Jamz during  the Trick and Trina Morning Show, and don’t forget to download her music streaming on all platforms.

Coach Stormy, thank you for scheduling this interview, and Trina I’m sure fans will agree that we’re happy you became an iconic rapper and didn’t just remain in the real-estate business!

Every woman shared on this blog can inspire us all in one way or another. Never forget these words quoted by Trina’s mother, “Find five friends that you can get $1,000 from, if you can’t then you’re living wrong.” So, ladies and gents stay inspired, stay creative, and stay elevated.

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