img_4618This past weekend the Pretty Hustlaz invaded a piece of the BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend in Atlanta !

We popped up at an MCM Worldwide pop up shop and product launch in Lenox Mall on the third floor of their Bloomingdale’s location.  There were gorgeous women to accompany the bags presence and brought a sense of life to the entire event alongside the banging female DJ !  img_4628-2

The Pretty Hustlaz, Zurisha J and WorldWideKeege went into the event alongside A1 management group and ran into a slew of celebrities.  Those included were EDM songstress and lyricist, Stormy ATL, R&B artist Michael Stokes, Universal Music Group, and MORE ! Catered with MCM and Beats branded cookies paired with sparkling glasses of Belaire champagne.  
The event was dazzling, warming and inspiring to see how MCM Worldwide is continuing to build their brand of luxury bags. Was extremely dope to see their new collection, can’t wait to see it in the streets! 

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