For those that don’t know explain Jacksonville, Florida the good ,the bad etc?

Despite the violence Jacksonville is known for, there’s soo much talent coming out of my City. There’s also a lot of community events and beaches. That’s my home team.

What was your mindset growing up without your dad and In such an unstable environment ?

Growing up without my Dad I learned that I had to make my own way and get it on my own. But the most important thing I learned was the a real Woman’s love is undeniable. Having a Mother that truly shows she cares about you is unmatched.

You started out as a fan of the music , but how did you actually come into becoming an artist? When did you know you wanted to be an artist ? Like when did you begin recording ?

I didn’t want to be an Artist at all. I used to kind of pick on Rappers, but the music kinda just found me. I touched the mic for the first time ever in December 2015.

Having been through soo much in life thus far what are your current goals and your goals 5 years from now ?

My goal within the next year is to get one or two plaques. My life goal is to open a hospital and work to prevent poverty.

Soo it’s Throwback Thursday and you’ve got “Low Key” which is the hottest single on the airwaves featuring record with that SWV sample  … first of all what you know about that SWV? Tell us about your inspiration for the low key track?

R&B is what I grew up on, that was clean up music you know. I know all those songs from back then and even before that time. But the Women really gave me the “low key” record because I’ve dealt with alot of Women who were low key. Matter of fact let me ask you something, you ever kept it low key? (OC laughs at Seddy Hendrinx)

Now that you have captured a female fan base how have your reactions changed?

Well I’m young and handsome soo the women liked me before. But they REALLY like me now. It’s like I look at my DMs and it’s looooong paragraphs from Women, it’s interesting.

What’s been the reaction from everybody back home ?

Everybody in My City, you know Duval and Jacksonville, is excited for me. They knew this would happen, once I got the right eyes on me they knew it would blow up.

Soo at Pretty Hustlaz we’re Florida- based give us something special you like about Florida women?

I love that strong-willed thing that Florida women have . They balance femininity and that “don’t play with me” vibe well.

You’re also of Bahamian and Haitian descent how has that influenced you and your music?

Being Caribbean there’s a lot of things diet wise that I do. Like I lean towards a lot of food that’s organic and I like having a heavily plant based diet. You know I eat fruit a lot, things like that.

What are your thoughts on how Hurricane Dorian has affected the Bahamas?

I am really happy that not many people died. I also hope to be able to do something to help people there to get their material possessions back.

What are somethings that make a Woman pretty on the inside to you?

A Woman’s actions make her beautiful to me. Like what are your morals?…, What are you soo passionate about that you will die about it?…. What are your true intentions for yourself ?…because looks are cool but I don’t care about that AT ALL.

What are some tips or words of encouragement you would give to Women ?

Stop looking for love in a person . Lock in on what your goals are…just grind and that man will come.

As someone that’s beat a lot of odds that requires you to have the hustle in you. What motivates you to continue to Hustle?

I don’t want to go back to that unstable environment. I don’t want to look in my account and see nothing in there. I have a lot of people I want to provide for. I also aspire to be a Father one day soo, I want to have a solid foundation.


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