The look of a model will always be desired for special occasion. Models don’t even look like models without the popular techniques of highlighting and contouring.




Anyone can achieve the iconic look of glamorous by understanding that make up isn’t just foundation, powder, and eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara.Contouring is done with a darker tone of the foundation I can be powder, liquid or creme . Some individuals use bronzer for contouring also.there are several places on the face that appear more defined with the help of contouring such as:

The Nose: contouring the nose will give it a smaller more narrow appearance. Depending on the shape of ones nose , different techniques are used.


Cheekbones and The Temple : contouring the cheek bones and the temple gives that top model iconic look .

Jaw Line : contouring the cheek bones go hand in hand with contouring the jaw line usually works well round like faces if one’s jaw is more defined contouring might give a more masculine look. how-to-contour-face-shape-700x400

With good contouring comes with great highlighting abilities and products so stay tuned next week for “The Importance Of Highlighting” for Beauty Tip Tuesdays.

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