Beauty Tip Tuesday’s: Ice Ice Baby !

Image result for beauty hacks with ice

If you are looking for new beauty hacks in your kitchen you came to the right place. The best part is- almost everyone has this cold cube in their house whole.

We use ice for a number of situations such as keeping drinks cool, making a dink cold, easing a bruise, removing chewing gum from carpets etc. These purposes for ice are unrelated to beauty but ice can be very helpful when it comes to “being on fleek”.

Tip 1: Use Ice for Perfect Makeup.Image result for ice before makeup

By applying ice to the face naturally shrinks pores for Makeup to go on as smooth as possible.

Tip 2: Use Ice to Get Rid of The Tired Look.Image result for dark puffy circles under eyes

Ice cubes can be used to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags from under the eyes.

Image result for ice for tired eyesTip 3: Use Ice to Decrease the Pain of Whipping Those Eyebrows into Shape.

It does not matter if you tweeze or thread, by running an ice cube over your eyebrows and the skin around it reduces the pain of getting your eyebrows done.

Image result for ice pimple shrinkTip 4: Use Ice for An Instant Face lift.

Ice can be used to treat lines on the face it also improves blood circulation.

Tip 5: Shrink A Pimple in Minutes by Using Ice.

Using ice on a pimple may reduce redness, pain and swelling.


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