” I cant never repay you for all the things that you gave me, You raised me to be a lady”


After Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States. It claims the lives of approximately 42,000 women per year. Late Tuesday, the heartbreaking news broke, that at the age of 62, Breast Cancer had claimed the life of Vernessa “Nessa” Taylor.  She is the mother of Miami’s own Katrina “Trina” Taylor. You don’t have to know Trina personally to know how important her mother was to her. Trina has spoke about her mother’s influence and their relationship on several occasions, even expressing her love and admiration for her in her art with her song “Mama” which featured Kelly Price. There aren’t any words to say someone who has lost their mother; however, The Pretty Hustle team would like to take this time to send our condolences to Trina and her family during this difficult time.  We hope that some way somehow she finds peace and we will continue to keep her lifted in prayer.


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