You may see our posts on Instagram, like our page on Facebook or retweet our uplifting tweets on Twitter.  That’s not all, our presence extends far beyond the world wide web. When we’re out and about, you’re bound to see our infamous pink signs at some of the hottest events around town. Pretty Hustlaz and its network has made a vow to build a powerful network of positive and productive women who are confident in their hustle and secure enough in their movement to support the goals and efforts of other women like themselves. Look around! Any awards show that celebrates women and their accomplishments, you better believe we’re live tweeting about it. If your fave Miami artist is having a launch or hosting an event you can bet  someone from the team is there, providing full coverage. Our vow is something we take very seriously. With that being said, we have one question, why are the positive things we represent shared far less than the negativity of the other blogs?
(Gasp) Those sweet girls over at Pretty Hustlaz have decided to shake the table today huh? Well sort of. It’s time we address the elephant in the room. Women Empowerment is like word vomit these days. People are spending hundreds of dollars to attend conferences and thousands of memes are being shared daily but let’s be honest, none of those thing mean anything if we’re not truly walking the walk. I’m sure every one of us celebrity or not has been hurt by gossip of some sort. It doesn’t feel good to have your most intimate moments put out on front street for all to see. Nobody wants hear about an embarrassing or hurtful situation involving themselves a friend or a family member on the internet. For this reason, Pretty Hustlaz has decided to change the narrative. We look to celebrate the wins not broadcast the lows. We have to be real though this mentality comes with a price. We’ve seen celebrities say over and over again that blogs wait to post the negativity. Facebook  lives, Instagram posts and tweet threads are dedicated to those blogs who are purposely facetious yet our video of your event, our review of your album, our Instagram post congratulating you on your new visual all goes unnoticed.

I think we’re all guilty of giving negativity more attention than the good things around us however, we can’t have it both ways. We can’t continue to post about empowering one another while practicing the opposite. Furthermore, focusing all your attention on negativity is counterproductive. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to seek positive posts instead of gossip. Comment on self-help blogs instead of those promoting mess and focus on those who love you instead of those who don’t and I guarantee you it makes a world of a difference. We here at Pretty Hustlaz are well aware that our style of blogging won’t be as popular as gossip but making a difference is far more important to us than being popular. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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