Meeting other women doing like minded things enlivens us to fuse the gifts we all carry towards strengthening each others platforms. This was the basis of Pretty Hustlaz when it began back in 2012 and still is now! The Pretty Hustle Link up is where women connect to build their contacts.

Here are 3 Things you need to know to assist with your networking –

1. Let people know who you are (professionally, not personally), what you do in a way that make them feel compelled to learn more about your service.

2. Speak with many people – connect briefly with someone and move on to the next person.

3. FOLLOW UP – find out how people prefer to be contacted and connect with them.

The event alone is just the stepping stone!

DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW UP! The follow up works towards building your network. 

We’re super excited to learn more about these amazing women in our Women In Media & Women In Business Panels! Hope to see you there! Email to RSVP space is limited!

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