Of course, even though the entire world is, we must KUWTK.  On top of Kanye’s mental outburst and their saddening rumors that their marriage was on the rocks, KimK has yet to be able to escape the trauma and realism of her robbery in Paris a couple of months ago.

Since then, the Emoji mogul has left social media, has added more security to her detail and has been focusing on her children’s well being.  The French police were able to obtain DNA from the scene and match it with previous robberies in the city.  They started with arresting only 10 people as suspects, but as of yesterday that number has increased to 16!!  That isn’t the most interesting part though.  They said that most of the robbers are in their 50’s and the oldest suspect they have right now is 72 years old!!

Soon Kimmy will have to watch the video (who knows how they got that when there was supposedly no cameras for security present), and identify some of the horrible people that took her hostage and stole more than $10 million in valuables.  Though they have suspects in custody there has been no comment on whether the valuables have been found, returned, or already sold on the black market.  

Stay tuned as we let you know more about the prosecution of these old buzzards who stole 1$ of the Kardashian’s fortune.

Do you feel like the heist was a heist?  Or are you adding this to the long list of publicity stunts that the Kardashian family seems to implore?

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