Looking for a cute outfit to wear to a summer soiree?  Or how about the new invisible self adhesive push up bra? Or even the coolest makeup brushes in the game?

Miami Posh Boutique has them ALL !!

Located in Miami, Fl but also a member of the Pink Directory, Miami Posh Boutique is a stylists best friend through and through.  Recently the boutique launched its own line of signature products that you can purchase from them called “Poshinista”.  It is a line of lip gloss includes makeup products for all shades of women branded with the label.  Check out some of their products below, shop their online store, and always remember that Women Can Win!!


Shop Miami-Posh.com #miamiposh #poshinista #dontforgetthedash #miami #posh #mua #lipstick #lipgloss

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