“Designer is not fashion. Fashion is when you can wear a $30 shirt and make it look like $300.”

Fashion is all about STYLE not about PRICE. As women we have the luxury of wearing whatever we want, all while owning it. There is nothing more stylish than a woman with her OWN style. If you’re on a budget but want to be fly and stylish, High-Low Fashion is for you! This sequin jacket is considered low fashion due to it’s price, however it’s look is chic and extravagant! Perfect for Fall Fashion, pair this cardigan with a basic black look and stylish heels.

(Sequin Cardigan: www.Girlie217.com $92.80)

The perfect Cinderella heel for the Cardigan above. Here’s your High Look Ladies: Comfort, Simplicity, and Beauty all wrapped up in a pump. Perfect for Fall, these Christian Louboutin’s are perfect and sleek for any look. Pair the gorgeous pumps with a classy duster or a chic blazer .


(Pre-order from Barneys. $695)

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