Beauty Tip Tuesday: Wash Your Face The Right Way With These Steps

Image result for washing faceWashing your face is the most important thing to do for the sake of beauty. Washing your face in the wrong manner may lead to more breakouts, irretated skin and above all, you will not reap the benefits the right way.

How to was your face the right way


  • Step 1: Wash


While washing your facer with a cleanser thats not to harsh for your skin is essential. It is also important to use warm water in the process ; Doing so will allow your pores to open in order for the cleanser to get the dirt that is trapped inside. This will reduce future break outs. (Pat dry with clean towel)


  • Step 2: Toner!


Toner isn’t always necessary but if your the type of individual with oily skin, toner is very useful. In this process make sure you wait for the toner to air dry until you proceed to the next step


  • Image result for acne medicineStep 3: Treatment


Apply any skin medication you may be using if you are obligated to.



  • Step 4: Eye Cream


If you are one to apply eye creame this is the step to do so. Implementing the cream on this step prevents coll…. Damage



  • Step 5: Moisturizer


Apply moisturizer to prevent oily skin

Image result for acne medicine


  • Step 6: Sunscreen


A lot of people don’t do this often; However you should apply sunscreen of atleast SPF 30 to protect your skin from UV Rays and also prevent wrinkles.



  • Step 7: Primer (Optimal)


Last step is applying primer to your face before starting your make up routine.

Image result for acne medicine
 Extra Tips For The Best Face Care Methods.

  • Drink water (Try to avoid unnatural juice)
  • Change pillow case weekly
  • Tie up hair away from face from bed
  • Pat dry never swipe



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