If your in a adventurous mood here are some beauty hacks to try !!!

Toothpaste + Lips = Soft Lips 

If you’re looking for a quick fix for soft lips, putting toothpaste on your lips for no longer than ten seconds.

A Sponge Will Always Be A Sponge 

Don’t want to spend over six dollars on a beauty blender? Using a dish sponge works just as well.

Tooth Brush + Soft = contour 

If you so happen to be on a trip and forget your favorite contouring brush, a soft bristle tooth brush will do you justice.

Hairspray = Curled Lashes 

Having trouble keeping your eyelashes curled up? try putting a bit of hairspray on your eyelashes.

Beer + Hair = Shiny Hair 

Adding extra shine to your hair can be done within a few minutes buy washing your hair with beer.

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