Although we love that extra hour of sleep day light savings gives us… Did you know it also commonly referred to as the beginning of sad season? Its the beginning of a seasonal mood disorder also known as seasonal depression. This past Sunday as we turned our clocks forward we also said good bye to the sad season.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) occurs primarily in the winter during day light savings time. It has some of the same symptoms as major depression including fatigue, oversleeping, change in appetite, not being able to concentrate and a depressed mood. Most people that get up early are left feeling more tired than usual. If you experience any of this during the winter months only, you could potentially be suffering from SAD. SAD affects approx. 10 million Americans, that’s like 1 in 30 people. Its more common in the northern states than southern states like Florida. It is mostly found in women, however men have been diagnosed as well.

Lucky for us, day light savings last only for half of the year. The other half we get rid of day light savings and experience longer days, plus like magic our happiness reappears. It has been stated that light may actually reset the biological clock, so the sunshine is working in our favor.

Now that day light savings is over… Get out be active and enjoy the extra sunshine.  There is nothing I look forward to more than springing forward that hour. We may lose an hour sleep, but we gain happiness and great moods.

Happy Day Light Savings Everyone! Be happy and enjoy the happy season!

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