“We’re going to get some HEAT for this one”

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Red Table Talk is a Facebook Watch show hosted by 3 generations of black women; Jada Pinkett-Smith, her daughter Willow, and her mother Gammy. The show has  now become a place where celebrities can come for redemption. Jordyn Woods, Snoop, and TI have all found themselves at the table after large social media scandals. This weeks RTT interview was prefaced with the fact that all of the ladies had very different views about if this guest should even be alllowed on the show. The controversial guest is Olivia Jade Giannulli, social media influencer and  the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli.

The Take Down

Olivia Jade found herself smack dab in the middle of Operation Varsity Blues, an FBI investigation into parents of the elite paying an estimated $25 million total in bribes to college coaches and admissions employees to get their children into college. It goes without saying that when this scandal was unveiled many people were upset. The unfortunate truth is that many under privileged kids rely on sports scholarships to pay for their educations. These wealthy parents were able to use their  privilege and money to take opportunities away from students who had worked their entire high school careers towards making it into school. Olivia has not spoken about any of what has went and was even forced to go dark on social media.

 A Time To Speak

When the exclusive interview was announced many were shocked and it was met with criticism from a lot of people. Is she looking for redemption? Pity? Why of all places did Olivia Jade choose Red Table Talk to speak? Gammy flat out asked why does she want to come speak to three black women. Honestly this is a valid question. Overall I think the 30 min interview is worth the watch. I am torn because on one hand I feel Olivia Jade and should not have to pay for the sins of her parents. As she stated in the interview she’s only 21 years old and feels she deserves another chance. I don’t disagree with that fact however, in MY world you don’t always get second chances. Actually you RARELY do so deserve is a strong word. Check out the latest episode below and move those fingers and let us know how you feel!

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