Facebook had a 6 hour outage today, the longest in history and most widespread ever. Of course this sent the effective outage areas into a frenzy. No scrolling, no posting, no updating what’s on your mind, for a whole 6 hours.

When the outage first occurred I was at work and completely unaware that the beloved site was down. Employees frantically went person to person explaining something was wrong with their Facebook and asking them to check their account. It was like they never knew the power of the scroll until they no longer had it. One hour turned into two and two slowly turned into 6. Leaving the inability to take a look into others lives, find out and comment what’s going on in celebrity lives, or post pictures for likes. For some, it was like the world briefly stopped and people had no clue what to do except continually refresh and pray the app would not be down long.

Just in case this happens again, or you decide to a break from the social media addiction, here are some tips to help you get through the day:

  1. Listen to podcast- there is a podcast for almost any topic or genre you could think of. Find one that’s best for you and subscribe. It can range from spiritual, to business, to gossip. Find something that will keep your attention.
  2. Download an audible book or event pick up your favorite hard/paper back. Reading is still fundamental, use that scrolling time to read a documentary, mystery, biography or whatever your interest may be.
  3. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Spring is in the air. Take a walk, go for a jog, pray, meditate. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
  4. Exercise- Instead of exercising your fingers, exercise your body. Its not too late too get ready for summer
  5. Spend time with family or friends, send out a random thinking of you text
  6. Start working on that business you have been dreaming out about.

And if all these fail…Go back to scrolling.

I think the hardest part for most people was they couldn’t even go to Facebook to complain in a status about Facebook not working.

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