In the last week, both Rick Ross and comedian Lil Duval have been under fire for comments they made on popular morning radio show “The Breakfast Club”. Rick Ross gave a public apology, however Lil Duval is standing his ground. This leads me to wonder are celebrities privileged to having their own opinions or is their popularity based on conforming to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Lets start with Rick Ross. Rozay made the comment on the Breakfast Club that basically he would not sign a female artist because he’d want to have sex with her. This sent social media in an uproar. I commend him for his honesty. You can’t mix business with pleasure. Rozay was giving his answer as a man and not a public figure giving the politically correct answer. The public did not like his comment and he caught a lot negative feedback. A few days after the interview and much scrutiny, Rick Ross issued a public apology via Facebook.  He also posted a picture with artist Lundy a female artist who was killed earlier this year in a car crash. Lundy was considered Rozay’s protégée.

Lil Duval, who was also recently a guest on the Breakfast Club made a very controversial reference during a segment  discussing Bobby Valentino recently being exposed by a transgender. “I don’t care, she dying”! This was Lil Duval’s response saying he would kill a sexual partner if he learned it was a transgendered woman. Lil Duval, however is not issuing an apology. His words were a little more harsh than Rick Ross’. Lil Duval has stated he has no issue with gay or transgender people but he does have an issue with being deceived. He does not like the thought of someone hiding their sexuality to get in bed with him stating that its “psychological damage”.  Lil Duval sister Rolanda posted a picture of Lil Duval at her wedding explaining that as his “gay sister”  Duval has always been her “biggest cheerleader” and that he was the only immediate family member to attend her wedding. That is kind of like the racist white guy who is quick to say I have black friends, yet actions demonstrate that of a racist.

So is public opinion now overriding thoughts and views of celebrities. Are we sheltering the celebs to thinking  and speaking as we do and if they don’t  threatening to stop supporting them? A publicist will work to clean up messes such as these quickly, but what is that really saying about the person.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts. However as a public figure you are held to a higher standard. Rozay, I didn’t see a huge issue with his comment. Lil Duval, is an awesome comedian… but in no way is threatening harm against a person because of race, religion or sexual preference ever okay. The easiest way to avoid potentially sleeping with a transgender or someone not being completely honest with their sexuality is simple… Don’t sleep around! However, if Lil Duval is passionate about this, he should be able to express it.

Celebrities should be able to speak freely without being forced into apologies. This gives us a sense of who they really are. With the age of social media everyone seems oversensitive about social issues. Celebrities should be able to voice how the feel and not have to apologize for being their self.

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