Power is definitely  one of the most talked about shows on TV right now. Sunday’s episode left all fans in awe as we witnessed the deaths of Julio and Jukebox. Sunday’s episode also bought Tommy face to face with the man who molested Holly, that of course didn’t end pretty. Fans were not the only ones talking about Power following that episode. 50 Cent took to Instagram on Monday to express his anger towards Starz. He at that time stated “He feels a little different about Power”, and made what was perceived to be a threat to leave the network.

Power is currently in its 4th season and is the highest rated show on Starz. Although Sunday’s episode was intense and great show for viewers, 50 and his team actually wanted to split that it up into two episodes. Instead it was jam-packed into one episode leaving 50 not too happy. Courtney Kemp told Entertainment weekly that he asked Starz for 12 episodes during season 4 and his request was denied. Because the additional episode was not added there were some key story elements that were lost.

Hopefully this is just one of 50 Cent’s social media tantrums that he throws at times. It’s hard to imagine Power on any other network.

For now, this show keeps getting better each season and Sunday’s can’t come fast enough.

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