Women Can Win (WCW): B.Simone in “BlueBerry Rain”

          Viral sensation B.Simone drops her debut single “Blueberry Rain”. B.Simone broke into the entertainment industry years ago with a girl group but is now a successful solo artist. The new single stems from the infamous “Fvck Boy” video that went viral about love and heartbreak just a few months ago. Blueberry Rain is taking that “Fvck boy” free message and encouraging girls to focus on their money and leave heart break behind them. You might wonder where Blueberry Rain comes from? Well , the newest on hundred dollar bills are blue and who doesn’t want money raining on them ?

Recently to release the single she had a listening session at Cupcake Mafia in Atlanta that was far from the ordinary.  It was a FckBoy Free Sleepover where fans gathered, listened to the new single, and got the chance to learn the words before anyone else!! Take a look at the highlights below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpfmCSwykiQ]

        Get that money and move toward success ladies! Her harmonies on her hook are soothing while she also give us a melodic trap feel on the verses. The song is HOT and there is a way that you can show it!! Join the #BlueBerryRain Challenge ,  Check it out and support B.Simone by purchasing the single on iTunes here.


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