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When it comes to beauty everything counts, especially the type of food put in your body.  Today we are not discussing the affects it has on your stomach or skin . We are talking about the affect it has on the first thing people see when you meet them, yes that’s right …your smile. Lets be real here almost everything we consume on a daily basis has an effect on our teeth, But we can try our best to stay away from some of the most harmful things. Here are three things to keep your teeth away from.


Soda is not the friendliest liquid to drink not only does it destroy your enamel that you cant get back, but it also is horrible for you skin and body. (why drink poison) Soda may also stain your teeth.

  • If you must drink soda drink the soda with your meal so it may neutralize the acid in your mouth. 
  • Drink light soda instead of dark.
  • Drink with a straw 

Chewy or Gummy  Candies

Candy like gummies bears , taffy and caramels are the worst kind of candy to eat. Sticky candies like these get stuck between your teeth, which result into plaque to build up.

  • To avoid gummies get a sugar rush of of  dark chocolate, it is not as harsh on teeth.
  • Try to keep gummies at the absolute minimum.

Saltine Crackers

surprisingly the number one cavity-causing food are saltine crackers. It is a good thing  a lot of people don’t eat saltines on a daily basis. It is know to be worst on your teeth than candy.

  • Wheat crackers can be a alternative.
  • Try to brush teeth after eating crackers 



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