Beyonce and Jay-Z have just gotten through the hardship of a pregnancy of twins, and now are fighting the good fight to rightfully copyright their first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter’s, name.

The superstar couple have been trying for some time to trademark their child’s name, as Beyonce has even a clothing line that is named after the heiress.

Why hasn’t it been so simple for them to acquire the rights?  Well, there was someone else who had the name first.  An event management company based out of Boston, MA, named Blue Ivy feels that their rights and association with the name should not be taken away just simply because a celebrity decided that it would be “cool” to name their daughter that.  The company has been in existence since 2009, 3 years before Blue Ivy is born, and 2 years before she is ever mentioned to the press.

This is not the first time that the Carter’s have petitioned to trademark the name and cease all use of it in any further business, but the first time was blocked, and it seems the second might be sent back as well.

Who knows who will win.  Maybe Jay will drop a check on the company for them to change their name just so his precious daughter can be who she wants to be in all aspects of business for the rest of her life?  Maybe the company will feel like this is an attack that they cannot stand to lose and decided to fight until the last judge has ruled?  Who knows.  Blue Ivy isn’t up for grabs, but it’s sure not a fight I would dare to pick right now.

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