Friends, a word used often, yet so underrated. Some are constantly looking for friends, while others are sticking with their day ones. Whatever the case may be we should without a doubt know who our friends are. Have you ever heard the saying, “birds of feather flock together”? No matter how big or small your circle may be, what are people saying about the company that you keep? Are they encouraging you to level up, supporting your endeavors, or at least adding value to your life?

If you answered yes to one of those questions your friends are keepers. However, if you were a little conflicted with your answers then maybe you should take notes from the one and only Starr Dawkins. She is the CEO of the successful money maker, Sweet Cookie Wash. Starr is adamant in keeping her friends afloat along her journey of  consistent success.

In less than a year, she gifted her hardworking friend with ownership of her Sweet Cookie wash that is located in Sunrise, Florida. Yes, you read that right she gave her friend an entire store to profit from. Of course, it didn’t just happen over night, but she realized that her friend deserved it and BOOM she made it happen. This is not her first time blessing a friend with something she can profit from. Earlier this year she purchased land for her best friend, who is also a successful business woman.

Starr Dawkins, CEO of Sweet Cookiewash

Now, of course everyone isn’t able to provide their friends with land and businesses, but everyone has the ability to be a great friend. It can be as simple as showing up to their functions, checking up on them regularly, helping with ideas, or taking them out to lunch for no reason at all. It’s all about being genuine and sincere, which is what makes any friendship pure. So, for all of the fortunate people who have true friends, keep adding value to their life. All others should let go of the negative friends, and get some friends that want to see you excel.

Congratulations to Starr Dawkins on franchising her business and to the new owner of the first Sweet Cookiewash store!

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