923833_1374397109519842_1812084568_n1            Listening to Rhythm & Blues, or Rhythm and Bass as some are calling it now, you expect the words to captivate you beyond fantasies that you’ve experienced.  R&B through Ambre’ Perkins voice catapults you into those experiences and pairs them with a sweet melody that allows you to relive those fantasies.

It was during a high school pep rally that she realized that her talent was to give this experience to people every day, for the rest of her life.  Since that day she has set her heart out to release groundbreaking music for her fans, and has been doing a great job at it.  She dropped a couple of singles, “Mine” and “Faded”, this time last year to finally show the rest of the world her amazing vocals

20140803-004210-2530143          In May of last year, she released her first EP “Wanderlust”  and gained immediate attention and favor from the R&B community.

The New Orleans native has a knack for combining the perfect amount of bass and lyrical delivery.  Her music reaches a variety of people on a number of different levels because the hardships she encountered gave her a peculiar outlook on musical expression.  In interviews she has revealed that throughout her childhood she was shuffled around the foster care system in Louisiana, among other privations. “I got taken away from my mom, didn’t really know my dad.” Perkins said to Culture Exposure.  She saw the outlet that artists and fans have from the indulgence in music;  It shines through her every note.

“What makes me different is my story, my lyrics, and my dedication. Everyone has a story and a purpose, and I can honestly say that mine has never been told before. And I’ll do anything to make sure that everyone listens to me tell it.” (Culture Exposure)

With inspirations like Michael Jackson, Brandy, and Frank Ocean, we can only imagine where Perkins will take us with her music this year.  Follow her on Soundcloud or any social media to keep up with her progress as a beautiful songstress.

Want to check out her most recent video?  Visit her site below!

Amber Perkins Official Website

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