maya-angelou-top-quotes-9          Females make the world go round.  We complete the pieces to the puzzle, we add flavor and detail to anything and best of all, we are the playmakers of the home.  Our blueprint for the values we instill in our children and the path we raise them in creates the future to come as the children go older.  There are many different reasons women should be appreciated, but here at the Pretty Hustlaz we discuss why it’s important for women to appreciate other women.

        Growing and living in a society dominated by male supremacy, there are mop10any avenues where our cat gets swept under the rug and we forget just how influential women can be.  There have been some great female leaders like Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama.  As soon as you hear any of those names you immediately think “Female empowerment”, not because they were powerful females but because every move that they made illuminated the fact that females deserve to be empowered.  Every move that they made invited more females to express this empowerment as well as find new and creative ways to engage it.

Females from any background or climate are proven to be stronger in impact when moving as a force with nature as one instead of against each other;  the work ultimately seems harder to support than to do your own thing.  These women found the light at the end of the tunnel that allows females to do both.

3b06d70286ba487af9fd47ffd9fa6ed1Celebrate Women all over alongside the Pretty Hustlaz by taking a couple of minutes and empowering a strong woman today!

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