We put our binoculars on and just took a peek at celebrity row.  Just to look at who Celebrities are enjoying spending time with, and the ones they call bae.  

IMG_2977Big Sean x Jhene Aiko

Ever since the announcement of their collaborative album back in March. The sightings with the two of them together increased heavily.  The album is a tantalizing love story that goes through the emotions of love and heartbreak while leading the listener down a winding road of melodies and 808’s.  After the project was released, it seems just about every day in the binoculars there is something sweet that Big Sean is doing for Jhene Aiko or something cute that she is posting of them.  You would expect them to have a really happy home to have just recorded and entire love project together, go figure.  I actually don’t want the evil stepsister to come out of the woodworks with this one.  I’m sure they are rooting for, and I am as well, to see their fairytale end with a Happily Ever After.  

2DD741D900000578-3291865-image-m-11_1445957447386Mariah Carey x James Packer

These two went through a lot of social media backlash because of the short time they acquired each others love after Mariah and Nick split, yet it seems like another Future and Ciara case.  Guy meets girl.  Girl falls in love with player guy.  Girl gets tired of player ways.  Girl gets pregnant.  Girl leaves relationship and soon after finds substantially better.  That’s how the teenage books go right?  Or is it the other way around?  Who knows these days, but these two have been engaged publicly for a while now.  There were rumors that she was going to have a very small ceremony that’s why there hasn’t been much hubbub about it.  But I mean someone has to know the date right?  Or her something as proof other than the entire mountain hanging from her finger.  We will see eventually.  

IMG_2976Juicy J x Regina Perera

They have been a “thing” for a while now, and not much more than that.  With his flashy lifestyle, music that’s ALL about how many women he has and the amount of money he has to get these women.  I’d say most of us were far from thinking that Juicy J was a one woman man.  Just like his inevitable rap career comeback after three six mafia, he has proved us all wrong once again!  He has actually PASSED the bae watch standards, into married watching!  Jordan Juicy J Houston and Regina Perera eloped this week in Las Vegas.  Rumors say the couple have been together for a while now, and this was not a shocker, but definitely surprising the way that they did it and announced their hitch. Nonetheless, whether I think the relationship is going to last or whether there will be allegations of infidelity; They are all beyond my reason.  I do wish the best on their new journey as husband and wife though.

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