Being featured in The Fashion Bomb Daily in 2011, then being offered to interview the Editor in Chief in 2019 was an amazing opportunity! Speaking with Claire was so inspiring, scroll to get a small transcript of our conversation discussing fashion, her start and #ConvoswithClaire that most recently took place for the first time in Miami! ❤️

PH: Heyyy Claire, please allow me to start this conversation by fanning out. I’m a Wardrobe Stylist and had the chance to be featured in The Fashion Bomb Daily years ago. It was a great experience. Thank you for that. Now here I am interviewing the CEO! Thank you for speaking with us today.
Claire : Oh, that’s amazing and you’re welcome Thank you for having me & I can’t wait to see you’ll be wearing to #ConvoswithClaire. The theme is Silver & Gold, I love themes so I’m excited to see how everyone comes out!
PH: Silver & Gold sounds nice! So, let’s just get right into it. We would love to know more about the woman behind #ConvoswithClaire & The Fashion Bomb Daily. Let’s begin with how you got your start?
Claire : Well growing up my mother was a Fashion Designer and my grandfather worked in Fashion as well.
PH: Ohhh wow, so Fashion is really in your blood. In past interviews you’ve mentioned something that is so commendable, you interned for Paris Vogue correct? How was that?
Claire : Yes, that is correct. I was at a dead end job and decided to follow my stand and pack up everything and move to Paris. I had previously Blogged for other major publications and had began The fashion bomb daily but it wasn’t bringing in enough money at the time. While in Paris, I applied to work at Paris Vogue and was denied many times. I just kept writing and kept trying. Until finally one day I got the position!
PH: Wow, that’s an amazing story! So you began The Fashion Bomb Daily during this time? You know in the fashion industry we consider The Fashion Bomb Daily to be the “fashion bible,” fashion Wikipedia ” of you will!
Claire : Oh wow, and I actually began The Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006 prior to me going to Paris.
PH: Speaking of Fashion, what is a must have piece to have in your wardrobe or closet?
Claire : I would have to say that accessories can make your entire look, so a must have would be a nice pair of Sunnies. You can’t go wrong with a fly pair of Sunglasses.
PH: Thank you for that fashion tip, now you’re bringing #ConvoswithClaire here to Miami for the first time. What can we expect and what is the mission /and or goals behind #ConvoswithClaire?
Claire : Yes, we are excited to be coming to Miami. The guests can expect a night of style, fashion, luxury and networking. #ConvoswithClaire plans to bring culture, our culture to the fashion world.
PH: Awesome! We’re excited to join you all. Now, last but not least what’s one thing you would want the world to know about you? Also as you know we’re all about Women Empowerment and Women In Business, what Entrepreneurial advice do you have?
Claire: I get asked all of the time “What credentials do I have in Fashion”  so I would want the world to know that I am not only a Harvard graduate but my family raised me in the fashion industry. & I’ve written as a fashion writer for years at major publications such as Upscale Magazine, Vogue etc. And as far as advice, I would just say “Go for it, go after your dreams” & “Don’t stop , Get it, Get it!”
PH : Don’t stop, Get it, Get it! Ayyye! Well we are so excited to have #ConvoswithClaire in Miami. & we can’t wait to see you. Thank you for speaking with  Pretty Hustlaz

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