Trina Launches New Eyewear: GOODWOMAN

Trina has launched her highly anticipated eyewear collection and it’s LIFE. Goodwoman by Katrina Taylor is the official name of Trina’s eyewear collection. Already setting herself a part from other collections, Trina makes it known that Goodwoman is not your typical eyewear. Goodwoman Eyewear “reflects those who went before her” creating a positive vibe around her newly launched brand. Goodwoman’s website is also giving vibes of independence, confidence, authenticity, and of course style! Pictured below is one of many styles to choose from but this pair happen to be my favorite already! I live for frames like these because they make a statement all on it’s own. Head over to and see what frames will compliment your style! As a token of appreciation to her supporters Trina has free shipping right now with code #GOODWOMAN.

Make sure you are following @Officialgoodwoman on Instagram to keep up with what Goodwoman is doing next!

Trina, you have never disappointed! We will be keeping an eye out anticipating more of your stylish creations! We would like to wish you nothing but continued success! Congratulations on your launch!


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