1996The NFL strike has been more than effective in most personal opinion, but of course there have been those that don’t feel what he is doing is proper.  It started last week when Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand during the singing of the National Anthem at one of their games.  The next week his teammate, Eric Reid, joined him with their observation of the Black Lives Matter movement, instead of sitting though, they kneeled during the time.  

seahawks-cornerback-joins-colin-kaepernick-by-sitting-during-national-anthemAnother player from the NFL stood, or sat, his ground for the rights of all of those who have lost their lives as well.  Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Jeremy Lane, didn’t stand during the singing of the national anthem in last night’s preseason finale against the Oakland raiders.  

Lane, plus the 49ers Quarterback and Safety are making more of their presence on the matter important.  Some feel like they should still represent their country as the figures they are because the military is still representing them.  

How do you feel?

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