Beauty Tip Tuesdays : Minimize Your Morning Breath

Morning breath is normal to have and something you can’t get away from. We tend not to care about our morning breath when we are going to bed alone. But when your single looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, or waking up next to anyone bad breath in the morning is an insecurity among many.


Morning breath is attributed mostly to the lack of saliva in one’s mouth. A diminution of saliva production allows bacteria to grow and production allows bacteria to grow and produce volatile sulfur compounds which is the main component of bad breath. The way how one sleeps may contribute too morning breath or how bad it may be. Snoring and sleeping with an open mouth can cause the mouth get more dry quicker than one who sleeps with their mouth closed. Obviously we can’t control the way we slumber but there are tips you can use to reduce the appearance of bad breath in the morning.

Nonalcoholic Mouthwash

  • Alcoholic mouth wash contributes to the dryness in the mouth. Dryness = bacteria growth
  • You may look for alcohol free mouth wash with antibacterial properties.

FUN TRY:  If you don’t have access to alcohol free mouth wash try gargling with baking soda


Sleep in the fetal position

  • this is not full proof because we tend to move while we sleep, but sleeping on the side can prevent snoring and will make your mouth less dry.


Brush Teeth Before bed

  • brushing your teeth can before bed can defiantly help

FUN TRY: if you don’t have access to a tooth brush for whatever the case may be drink a glass of water. Water will wash sown any food particles that may have been lingering in the mouth.

No smoking

  • Try not to smoke at least 5 hours before bed time. Smoking contributes to lingering breath that just mixes with morning breath.

Although these tips may not completely fix the issue it will help. Morning breath is a normal natural thing and it is okay to have as long as it’s a temporary issue. If morning breath lingers after you brush your teeth in the morning, you might be dealing with a bigger issue and it is highly recommended you see your dental hygienist.

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  1. Paris 4 years ago

    Lol I’m going to try this when I sleep by bae I wanna kiss him in the morning but I be scared

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