June 26 has been designated as Forgiveness Day. Don’t get this day confused with National Forgiveness Day, that takes place the first Saturday in October. On Forgiveness Day it is time to mend the peace. Today would be a great day to call that ex that you hate, that friend whom you haven’t spoken to in years over a petty argument, your babyfather, or even your cousin who stole your clothes in college. Whoever, for whatever, today is the day to make it right.

Did you know forgiveness is really for yourself and not necessarily the other person. Sometimes the apology you need is not the one you receive but the one you accept. We have to sometimes forgive people for things they are not even sorry for so that we can have that closure.

Honestly, lets be real… It’s a miserable life being upset, not speaking and being mad. Now you know how it goes, when you’re upset or no longer like a person, everything they do annoys you. It puts you in a negative place which provokes negative thoughts. Now you full of waisted negative energy the could used towards something positive.

Forgiveness frees up space in your heart for more love. Ladies often times because we hold on to hurt from previous relationships and don’t forgive, it damages potential new relationships. Your man cheated so now you feel like every man cheats. Your best friend betrayed you, so now you have no friends. But once you truly forgive, you’re able to see things in a new light and allow the right people to come into your life.

Today is that perfect time to call someone and let them know you forgive them. I know in certain situations, thats tough.But it is necesssary and theres no time better than today.. Forgiveness Day.

Now, if you like me and got that ex on the block list and don’t want to call him because you already know he’s a slick talker. It’s okay, but there are somethings you need to do:

-Look your self in the mirror, say that persons name, and forgive them for whatever hurt you
-Pray and be open with yourself about accepting an apology you may never get
-Breathe,Inhale,Exhale and let it go.

Now lets start forgiving so that we can move on and truly enjoy the fruits of our pretty hustle.

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