Shopping can be a joy when in mind that every product is a dollar. The worst feeling is when a new product breaks on you before you get to use it. Here are some tips to use while shopping beauty at your local dollar store.

Tip #1 : Buy The Right Hair Ties 

If your one to secure pony tails buying hair ties held together with glue is a major “no, no”. Ties held by glue are infamous for snapping apart before it gets to wrap around your hair.While buying hair ties you may look for a metal that holds the tie together . Metal ties stay strong for tight holds.

Side note : If there isn’t any metal hair ties you may substitute it for a head band. Head bands are good substitute for hair ties , it gives it the right amount of grip.



Tip #2 : Stay Clear from The Paddle Brush

Dollar store paddle brushes are not your friend. Most of them are put together poorly and some are so old the glue that held it together dried out. Unless you see a familiar brand that you’ve used your self , it would be smart not buy one from the dollar store.

Side note : All other brush and combs are 100% a good buy




Tip #3 : No Brand Mousse is a No-Go

Cheap mousse will have your hair feeling supper crunched or no hold at all. This is another product you may only want to purchase a familiar brand .

side note : most of the time these products break before you even get a chance to use it.


Tip #4 :Rollers Are Good To Go

Buying curlers from the dollar store are usually a good buy because most of them will do the job whether the item is cheaply made or not.





Tip#5 : Cheap Gels Are Not For Baby Hair

If you are a person that likes sleeking and fleeking the edges ,gels brands that you usually see in the dollar store won’t do. They either lack hold for the curly texture hair or lack hold with the baby hairs.





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