Learning to do makeup  comes with a lot of rules in order to keep your skin in tip top shape, especially when the person your doing it on yourself. No one tells you the rules or what order to apply your makeup in. So imagine trying to figure out all the rules of makeup; way to much to think about due to the endless amount of techniques and products there are to use. While there are many methods to makeup, there are three major “do’s” and “Dont’s” in the name of makeup.



1. Do Wash All Brushes and Sponges

Washing your make up Brushes are mandatory. Failing to clean your make up brushes and sponges will cause natural  irritation  and more break outs due to clogged pores bacteria build up.  Most women clean there brushes less than once a month.  It is recommended to wash your makeup brushes at least every other week.


2. Do Use Primer

Primer will keep your make up in place looking perfect the whole day. Using primer gives a smooth on look because primer smoothes the surface of the face making your pores invisible .


3.Take of Makeup Before Bed 

Taking of your makeup is a major key when it comes to the rules of make up. The results may vary due to the kind of skin you have. Keeping makeup on while you slumber may result in dry skin or oily skin . You may also notice more break outs occurring on you face.





1. Dont use cheap lip gloss 

using cheap lip gloss is suicide to perfect looking lips. not to mention it dries out your lips more if you don’t use lip balm first. It leaves residue on the lips not really appealing. using a quality lipgloss is better for your lips.


2. Dont Leave Makeup Products open

I’ts important to close all lids  and screw and pop all caps. Leaving make up open leaves the product vulnerable to all sorts of bacteria and will contribute to a break out .

3. Don’t wipe off liquid eye liner right away

If you happen to make a mistake or mess with your liquid liner its recommended you wait for the liner to dry first.  Wiping the makeup off immediately after making an error may mess up your make up and might smug wherever you wipe . Waiting for the liner to dry will make the process more neat.

There are many rules to the game of make up but these tips may go along way with your daily routine.


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