The week has been filled with celebrity beefs. Teyana Taylor vs Jeremih, Nicki Minaj vs… Well everybody! With that being said, Doja Cat has steered the conversation in a fun and creative way. If you’ve been on the internet this week, you may have come across MOOO! In the eccentric video, a girl sings farm animal punchlines dressed like a cow while consuming a burger and a milkshake. Weird as it sounds, the song is extremely catchy and the video is really hard to look away from. Dare we say it’s a banger?  Chance the Rapper seems to think so. The beauty in the video is non-other than Doja Cat. Although the video has gone viral, Doja Cat is not someone just trying to obtain internet fame. She’s actually a very skilled artist with a 13 song LP already out everywhere you stream music. Amala, which is the singer’s first name, was released back in March.

Ironically, Doja Cat’s video went viral just before she is set to go on tour. The singer says the song was inspired by a costume that is a part of her tour wear. Doja Cat freestyled effortlessly about cows over a beat for her Instagram live viewers and just like that MOOO! was born. The young singer describes LP Amala as “icecream truck music” In a world where everyone is stressing about the something; Doja Cat is a breath of fresh air. We hope to see more organic music. This is something that should definitely be a thing. It goes without saying that music should have a message and make you feel things. But sometimes, you’re a cow so why not sing about it. Check out Doja Cat’s masterpiece MOO! below. Are you feeling it? Will you be checking out more of Doja Cat? Let us Know!

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