A conversation with “Mask Off” Author Jade Woodley.


I tend to keep an eye out for what’s trending in real life as that is where the influence truly is made. After seeing this pink book popping up on several of my colleagues social media outlets, I had to find out more for myself. I was delighted to find out the books Author , Jade Woodley, was apart of my extended network. I champion women that create their own lane and that take an unconventional approach. If you’d like to know more about Jade Woodley’s story, keep reading.



  • Soo Jade after reading “Mask Off” , You touch on some emotional circumstances. While in your transition of getting acclimated to Atlanta after moving from Gary, Indiana…  how were you able to deal with being away from your son?
“My Son was in the care of my Mom, so I wasn’t worried. I knew I had to power through this time and stay focused if I wanted to secure a better life for my Son.”
  • At one point a friend helped you land a job working at a Recording Studio with High Profile Clientele. When the Studio decided to fire your friend over Industry Politics  you sided with her and chose to leave as well. In the Entertainment Industry and even Corporate America that level of loyalty is almost non-existent. Do you ever regret choose sides? Do you think your Career would’ve been different had you stayed?
“That was my true friend for years. Her relationship to me is invaluable…But what’s funny is the Studio ended up closing (laugh).”
  • Now coming from a background of mostly working with and knowing Musical Artist, what inspired you to move into Film Production?
“Well, a friend suggested I give Film a try because even when I did music showcases in Indiana I always had a cinematic eye. I would Direct the Videographers and hire full production teams.”
  • If our readers want to know how to view your films where are they available for purchase or streaming?
” At the time of my Films we didn’t have streaming services. We used guerrilla marketing and distribution through gas stations to sell DVDs. This actually allowed me to maintain 100% ownership , I even amassed over $20,000 in sales. To answer the question,Not currently available on streaming but coming soon for 2019 .”
  • An endeavor you pursued was being a Momager, tell us a  little about that experience.


“Managing Pedro’s Rap Career was really just a lot of FUN. I truly developed an awesome bond with my son during this time. We even created a web series entitled “Pedro’s World”. He really started to get popular so I had to shield him from bad influences and weird stuff like Teachers having crushes. But overall it was a great experience.”


  • Speaking of experiences, soo much of the book is about your relationship with Big Kap  (a well known DJ in the New York Hip Hop Scene). After losing a man whom you loved dearly and the  drama surrounding his passing , do you have a different outlook on relationships?


“You know Kap was just special to me. He taught me soo much and what realy sealed the deal is how much he loved my son I don’t think I’ll ever find another love like that. (On the drama) I made it through the drama with Prayer and writing this book helped me stay focused and release those vengeful feelings I had inside. I started out writing “Mask Off” from a bitter stand point. But now I truly am in a good place.”

  • How can our readers buy the book and follow you?
  • What are some Pretty Girl tips, you want to give to Our readers?
No matter what smile . Smiling invokes happiness.  Sickness and sadness go hand in hand. So Smile!
  • You for sure have to give us some Hustler tips?
Rule #1 Surround yourself with hustlers. They will motivate you to want more create a positive environment.
For upcoming film producers and authors, Try to remain as relatable as possible
Plan plan plan don’t rush the planning process. Keep your team small and on task soo they don’t get caught up.
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