What’s better than music we can relate to? Music that allows us to better understand the artist.

The well-known rapper, Da Baby introduced us to his new single, “Intro”. It reveals a cold tragedy in the midst of his success.  Quotes like, “Same time I got the news, my sh**t went number one, that’s f***ed up”, allowed him to share his heartbreak about his father’s death.  Could you imagine being at the top of the charts and finding out that someone so close to you has been taken away? Of course, it’s something no one wants to ponder on. However, life will always throw unexpected hardships our way, but our reaction to them is what matters. For instance, in spite of his tribulations Da Baby is still achieving his music career goals, and this is a great example for us all.

If Da Baby can go from not affording sandwiches to performing at the BET Awards our dreams can become a reality as well. This is why receiving authentic content from artists is beneficial. It opens our ears, minds, and sometimes even our hearts. When rappers aim to paint a vivid picture of their real life experiences we get to connect with them in unexplainable ways. Music is not all about money, cars, and fashion; it’s about life, and we all know there’s more to life than those materialistic things. So, if sadness ever overpowers what should be your greatest moments, just remember that Da Baby made it through one of his toughest battles. Some things don’t need to be overly said, because the message is simple. We hurt. We cry. We keep going. It doesn’t mean we forget; it just means we’re strong enough to never fall short of our blessings.


Da Baby, thank you for reminding us that you are human too!

Don’t forget to check out his new single “Intro” on all music platforms.



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