As If!!!!- Cher

When Clueless came out back in 1995, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Dionne Davenport. I identified with her for obvious reasons. She was popular, rich, pretty, had a wardrobe to die for, the cutest boyfriend and a dope best friend. Well when I think about it I probably was more like the awkward and klutzy Tai. (Rest in Peace Brittany Murphy.) But that’s neither here nor there. Dionne and Cher were “goals” before it was even a thing.  Two decades later, the Clueless style is still timeless. It’s almost hard to believe the movie didn’t even have a large wardrobe budget. Alicia Silverstone’s Jean Paul Gaultier plaid skirt set was one of the most expensive pieces. Plaid separates, short skirts, knee high stockings and socks, and square necklines are all the rave this fall.  We must admit the look is super cute and easy to find in some of your favorite stores.


GUESS + UO Plaid Skirt


GUESS + UO Plaid Trucker Jacket



Plaid Pants

(Crop Top also available!)
and its on sale!!

Clueless Logo Tee





We also have seen some of our Pretty Hustlaz flexing this look on the gram! Check them out below. What do you think of the trend? Will you be indulging in the Clueless inspired look this Fall?



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