People Matter Festival Brings Positive Fun to Liberty City for the 3rd Year in a Row

“They Call Themselves The Big Station But They Don’t Do ANYTHING for Our Communities”- Papa Keith

Children in underprivileged neighborhoods don’t always get the opportunities they deserve. Adults and kids alike in these areas are often overlooked. Overlooked turns into flat out forgotten. 3 years ago Papa Keith and 103.5 The Beat decided to change the narrative by bringing  an annual concert to a group that has been labeled as troublesome. The name couldn’t be more fitting “People Matter.”
Many may wonder why a concert would be important to the community. Well when that concert is coupled with a call to action to cease fire, brings art to children who don’t get to see it every day and puts hometown legends on a stage in front of a group of people who may not be able to afford a concert otherwise, then I would say it does the community a lot of good. On Saturday, June 16, 2019 Gwen Cherry Park was filled with excited people ready for the 3rd Annual People Matter Festival. At this point it’s something to look forward to. A basketball game, flag football game and concert with a lineup that would make the Wynwood Festivals jealous; People Matter has definitely brought something positive to Liberty City.
The anticipated concert began at 11 am. Like all festivals, there were two stages. The come-up stage featured new and up and coming artists. Then there was the main stage. Iceberg, Summerella, Billy Blue, Mike Smiff, Brianna Perry, and Sam Sneak all touched the stage just to name a few. Not even the rain could stop the fun. The Headliners were Ball Greezy and the Diamond Princess herself Trina. I don’t know how to thank these artists,103.5 the beat and Papa Keith for pulling off such an amazing event. If you missed it that’s a shame but check out some pics from the fun filled day below!




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