The go to look of the season will always and forever be a ponytail. Since the beginning of time the classic ponytail have been used at formal and casual events. It’s been trail and error since your girl been trying to achieve the classic look. I finally figured out a method that worked for me and I just have to give my beginners the tea on this one. Here’s a quick and easy way to install a ponytail to your hair with only a few simple items. The best part is that you don’t even need hair pins.

What You Need

  • Hair Tie (scrunchy)
  • Hair of choice (Weave)
  • Gel
  • Brush
Side note: The Best hair tie in my opinions are usually thick and a little bigger because its better grip wise for people with thick hair. A hard bristle brush is good for smoothing the hair with no "fly-aways".

Step 1

The Ponytail

Put your hair in a slick down ponytail in desired spot .

Side note : If your doing this for the first time I recommend the low ponytail, it is easier to get your hair in a perfect tight pony tail.

Step 2

Braid It on Down

Once your hair is in  a ponytail you will braid it down.

Side note : you may secure the end of the braid with a black rubber band however it isn't mandatory.

Step 3 ( Optional )

Double it up

After your hair is braided down if your hair is a little long double it up by bending your braid up wards and secure it with a hair tie.



Step 4 

Get The Strap

Get the Hair girl !


Step 5 

Wrap, wrap ,warp it up …

Wrap the weave clock wise with the first piece of hair and counter clock wise for the second piece of hair. With every hair piece you add follow this pattern. Make sure to wrap it tight. Towards the end of wrapping each peice wrap the last strand of hair around until you can’t anymore.

Side note : I use this method of wrapping to make sure my hair is fully covered in the ponytail.

Step 6 (optional)

Don’t foret about the baby hairs !

For A quick visual make sure to check out the video in the link :


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