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 Who would not like to be the talk of the party? When your makeup is on point it can be the best feeling in the world. A popular trend is the glitter lips. This week I got a chance to chat it up with The talented make up artist Kala Ca’Ree Also known as beauty queen (itsbeautyqueen_) one thing led to another and she ended up teaching me how to do glitter lips.  This BTT (Beauty Tip Tuesday) i will be sharing some wisdom on How to get flawless glitter lips.

What you will need

  • Lip Liner
  •  Glitter
  • lipstick

Step One Image result for lip liner

Line the lips with color close to the color of the glitter.

Tip : gold glitter (brown liner ) – red glitter (red liner ) – silver (white liner )


Step Two

Apply  lipstick on to your lip.

Tip : I prefer matte lipstick.


Image result for nyx glitter primerStep Three

Apply lip liner to the surface of the lip.

Tip : Nyx glitter is to die for.


Step Four

Apply glitter with a brush and dab it on the lips until desired amount.



***** Let us know if your tried it in the comments below !

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