The Real Love and Hip Hop: Meet The Jordans

On Wednesday morning, the world woke up to see tweets confirming that Stevie J and Faith Evans had tied the knot. After rumors of dating over the past year, the two stunned fans by getting married in Vegas. Stevie J quickly took to Twitter writing “I love you Faith Renee Jordan” and the response from Faith “I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan”.

Stevie J is known as being a lady’s man and kept the initial seasons of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta hot with his romance with both Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez. Stevie also dated rapper Eve and he is the father of 7 children, including daughters with both Mimi and Joseline.

Faith is the first female signed to Bad Boy Records and also the widow of Christopher Wallace, Aka Biggie. This is Faith’s third marriage. They say three is a charm. Faith was married to Todd Russaw a record company executive and father of one of her children in addition to Biggie after being introduced to him by Missy Elliot.

Stevie J was also no stranger to the Bad Boy family. He started his career at Bad Boy records as one of Bad Boy’s “Hitmen” He was one of the most highly sought after producers in the late 90s.

Now though the wedding is shocker to most fans, it looks from the history of the two, love and hip hop is more than reality show, it is real life.

Fans are now left wondering if a new reality show will evolve from this union. We all have to stay tuned.

Congratulations to the couple, wishing them many years of love, happiness and hip hop.


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