Now this is the kinda stuff we love to see! A whole entire strip mall in Washington D.C. dedicated to Black women Owned Brands! 

Angel Gregorio, the owner of the local specialty spice shop, the Spice Suite, transformed a 7,500 sq ft lot in D.C.’s Langdon neighborhood into a mini strip mall for Black-owned women-run businesses.

When Gregorio opened a new location for her specialty spice shop called the Spice Suite, she invited several other Black women business owners to join her. What we loved so much about this is that she transformed a 7,500 square foot lot in D.C.’s Langdon neighborhood into a retail community for local Black-owned businesses. 

She dubbed the space and had its soft launch this past Friday, Black And Forth.

“It was just this catchy, cool name that I created for how I describe my process of going back-and-forth with Black business owners,” Gregorio tells DCist/WAMU. The Herstoric mall is Located at: 2201 Channing Street NE Washington, DC.

Thank you Angel for being the example and lifting our sisters up! This is definitely giving GirlPower! Which Women owned brand business will you be shipping with?

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