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Lets face it, Mascara is the finishing touch on a perfectly beat face. We use mascara to make our eyes pop, mask loose powder and its just the law. (unless you have mink of course). You just cant use just any mascara, different wands (brushes) benefit your look in different ways.

Ball Tip Wand 

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The ball tip wand is designed to easily coat the smaller lashes also individually get all lashes with a smudge-free application on the lower lashes.

  • Root-to-tip coverage
  • Smudge-free application
  • All lashes guaranteed

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You cant go wrong with a classic wand. of course this is the most common used because no matter what it gets the job done.

  • Volume




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 Curved Comb Mascara Wand

This specific want was purpose designed to fit the shape of the lash for curling up the lashes while applying it.

  • Curl the lashes
  • Prevent clumps


Comb bristle wand Image result for Comb bristle wand

If your going for a dramatic look a comb Bristle wand is the best way to go. The wand individually gets

  • Volume
  • Precise definition.


Many different brushes are based on these different brush designed. it can be easy once you pay attention to ow the wand is shaped.

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