Beauty Tip Tuesdays : 5 Quick GO To Halloween Costumes

Halloween is Today and if your anything like this pretty hustla you had zero time to look for a costume because you was getting ypur hustle on. have no fear we got you with quick and easy Halloween costumes you can throw together in just a few minutes

We can do it !   

Yes you can girl, who doesn’t have a jean shirt and a red bandanna in their closet. This costume is super cute and super easy to achieve.

Tina “Bobs Burgers Image result for tina from bob's burgers costume

If you rock glasses cuz your in luck. A quick and easy look would be Tina from the show bobs burgers. A blue shirt and skirt and some shin socks can go a long way.

Aaliyah Image result for aaliyah

This costume is always a go to and its super cute. who doesn’t want to be Aaliyah.

Scare Crow Image result for scarecrow costume

A plaid shirt and some good makeup would do.

Comic Girl Related image

If your a makeup lover you will enjoy putting this comic book look together.

Hope these looks had you slaying Halloween, make sure you let us know your Halloween experience in the comment below.



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