“New Year New Beauty Habits”  

It is 2019 and the more the beauty industry advances the more habits we acquire . As we bring in the New Year We should strive to be the best versions of ourselves. This Includes self care, Here are five habbits one should consider picking up this year .

1 Consume Drinks That Help Your Skin

When you think about drinks that help your skin the first thought is water.Water is one of them; do you know by adding cucumber to your water makes your skin more radiant due to the great source of potassium,silica and magnesium There are many other drinks that will help your skin also. Pomegranate Juice  is filled with vitamin A,E,C which all in all sums up to reducing wrinkles. The most beneficial thing to consume is Kale , by adding kale drinks , smoothies to your daily diet boost your complexion and heals skin of marks gradually.

2 Start Your Day With Apple Cider Vinegar

Starting your day with apple cider vinegar can improve your health in many ways. Its no secret that apple cider is good for you however the bitter taste runs people away. Adding cider to your morning routine detoxifies the body , it reduce and prevents acne on the beauty side of things but due to overwhelming amount of benefits it seems like a fantastic thing to add on the todo list.

3 Go To The Spa at Least Once A Month

Going to the is a healthy habit it gives you your deserved quiet time in a proper invironment so weather your spa visit is once hour or five it adds to your over all help and peace of mind. Taking time out of the week or month to relax at a spa improves blood circulation makes you look good and keeps your body feeling young. Spa trips are great for your mental health which is why this habit is must try.


4 Try New Things

Many of us can be stuck in our ways but beauty is advancing before our eyes. Products , make up techniques and styles and trying  the new in beauty keeps things fresh and you may find something you like better than the things you do now.This can be a new hair color or style of doing make up a hair cut or trying new items in the beauty world; Its healthy to test your limits.


5 Take The Time To breath 

taking the time out too breathe or meditate can be super beneficial to your health. Meditating sports mental health , reduces stress ,lowers blood pressure and reduce heart disease. This will give you a heightened thought process and add patients to your personality that may help you deal with situations more efficiently.


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