We had the honor of attending the Lanaire Summer Vibes listening party held on June 15, 2018. Lanaire Andrews is a Miami rap  artist recently signed to Purple Lit Music Group. Purple Lit is new label spearheaded by Darren Reid. Darren started Purple Lit with high hopes of changing the Miami music scene. “I’m not in competition with anybody, I want everybody to win.” Darren stated. He  went on to express that he would like to bring Miami culture back to the city. The crowd responded in agreement.

The Summer Vibes listening party was held at Big Wall Studios located in Miami, FL on June 15, 2018 at 8:00 pm. Complete with drinks, press kits, and good vibes, everyone was excited to hear Lanaire’s New EP. The EP is 10 tracks. “What made you choose Summer to drop your EP?” One attendee asked, “I wanted to create a vibe that allows you to turn up but also feel the words.” Lanaire also spoke about the feelings brought about by the season of Summer. “ Summer is a fun time” He laughed. “I’ve experienced a lot of breakups and heart break  during the summer months.”



Summer Vibes can be found on all major platforms. It can also be purchased on Apple music. To keep up with Lanaire, follow him on his personal Instagram @_lanaire. Also follow Purple Lit to keep up with the growth of Miami’s new music label on Instagram @purplelitmusic

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