Ariana Grande says… I WILL!

Pop princess Ariana Grande gets engaged to singer Pete Davidson. This may come as a surprise to some as Ariana is fresh out of a relationship with Mac Miller. This whirlwind of a romance between Grande and Davidson has taken off and it looks as though there are no plans on coming down! The newly engaged couple have only been dating for a few weeks but that obviously hasn’t stopped Pete from cashing out nearly $100,000 on his pop princess. A 3.03 carat diamond ring set in platinum! Example of ring pictured below.

(Sidenote: Pete, that’s how you do it!)

Pete has been known for being a very caring and full steam ahead kind of guy, this fits so perfectly with Ariana who, as stated before, is fresh out of a very draining relationship.  The journey to finding happiness after what seems to be a never ending time of sadness, is the breath of fresh air she seems to have found in Pete.  Ariana may always be in the spotlight but if it’s not one thing we as women all have in common, it is wanting someone to love, to love us, and having someone who genuinely cares. This of course, is if we desire to be loved by another. Not all women have the desire of love, marriage, babies, carriages… you know the song. But, for those that do like myself, Ariana, and thousands of other women, seeing a great love story always melts the heart! You can’t put a price on time or love and this happily engaged couple is a great example of that!


Congratulations Ariana and Pete! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!








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