Since March, four women have been reported missing from Chicago’s west side. The women aging from 15-26 are disappearing and the community is concerned. Just today, a 13-year-old from Southside of Chicago is the newest name added along the missing. The teens family states she was last seen on May 31.

Last week, sadly Shantieya Smith, 26 one women reported missing was found dead in a garage. Shantieya was last seen alive on May 25. She found underneath a car in a garage. Sadly, Shantieya leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter.

Sadaria Davis, 15; Victoria Garrett, 15; and Anna Stanislawczyk, 18; have all been reported missing since March. The body of Sandra Davis was found in an abandon building on May 11. The other two ladies are still reported as missing.

Chicago Police Department have not yet released if the cases are related. The community is a fear that a serial killer could be in their neighborhoods.

The community recognizes that sometimes teenagers runaway and sometimes show up, however these four cases are very similar with two already resulting in murders.

Lets keep our girls safe and in our prayers.

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